Sunday, June 24, 2007

This weekend's displacement activities

1. My latest Internet comic crush, from Halifax, Nova Scotia: A Softer World. I was told that I am "Canada-obsessed" by Matty B, shortly after he gave me an album by The Tragically Hip (see below).

2. Making an alphabetical list of famous-type people who have the same initial for forename and surname. The only rules of this game are: no looking up names on Internet, not even to check spelling; use the first name that comes into your head (no going back to put cool people in) and stop when you are stumped. This is my first attempt:

Alvar Aalto
Bernard Berenson
Cab Calloway
Daniel Dennett
Ernie Els
Frederick Forsyth
Graham Greene
Howard Hodgkin
John Junkin
Kris Kristofferson
Lotte Lenya
Mike Moore
Nanette Newman
Ozzy Osbourne*
Paul Pindar
Richard Rogers
Susan Sontag
Walter Winchell

*provided by Harvestbird. If you can fill in any gaps, let me know. You can provide your own attempts at this exciting new game and show everybody how cultural you are.

3. Wondering whether members of Metallica wear pastels on their days off.

4. Wondering why everybody on Internet seems to be reading Slavoj Zizek at the moment; wondering whether I must join them.

5. Reminding myself why I do not live in Ingerland.

6. Testimony


8. The Tragically Hip (with added cats)


Anonymous said...

"If you can fill in any gaps, let me know."

Vernor Vinge.

Paul said...

The man who predicted Internet; how appropriate. Thank you.

harvestbird said...

Oh, Zinedine Zidane.

Anonymous said...

Ion Idriess
Yuri Yakovlev