Tuesday, December 04, 2007

About town

1. On Queen Street there is a café called Alfresco's, the owner obviously thinking al fresco is a name. In the window is a sign saying "Hey kids, free candy canes inside", with pictures of candy canes. The purpose of this message might be misinterpreted.

2. At the ferry terminal, a sign attached to the outside wall of the men's lavatory says "harbour cruise meeting point." Again, this could be subject to misinterpretation.

3. At Borders, a display promotes a book called 1080 Recipes. It is a translation of a popular Spanish cook book, which perhaps should have been re-titled for sale in New Zealand. In this time of festive fare and domestic strife, purchasers might be misled.


Anonymous said...

I had to re-read advertisements for this computer game a couple of times before I figured out what it meant...

Lyndon said...

1080 Recipes

I saw that one when I was in the UK recently. I said to myself, wouldn't it be hilarious if they sold that in New Zealand.