Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Earth may lack content due to technical difficulties

Yay me. In a moment of vanity I was searching for references to this blog on Internet and found that the Fundy Post is in the National Library:
Litterick, Paul.
The Fundy post [electronic resource] - [Auckland, N.Z. Paul Litterick, 2006-] - Began with Nov. 4, 2006
Archived by the National Library of New Zealand. - Description based on first issue ; title from home page (viewed on Apr. 22, 2008). - Latest issue consulted: Apr. 14, 2008 (viewed on Apr. 22, 2008). - Links from archived instances of this website to other websites are non-functional. Archived instances of this title may lack content due to technical difficulties. Nz - Personal blog of Paul Litterick. - Mode of access: World Wide Web.
1. Litterick, Paul--Blogs. 2. New Zealand--Blogs. 3. Blogs.
I particularly like the bit about archived instances lacking content because of technical difficulties, an excuse I must use when I fail to post anything for days. Speaking of lacking content, the New Zealand media probably did not tell you that the National Library is to be redeveloped. Yay Judith.

And yay the Large Hadron Collider for not destroying Earth.


Randominanity said...

actually the media did tell everyone about the redevelopment of the National Library ....

.... about 6 months ago when Helen Clark first announced it.

Lyndon said...

But the media didn't say (beforehand) that, while they did put protons through LHC yesterday, they won't actually be doing any collisions for a while yet.

david w said...

and further to Lyndon's post even when the CERNites decide to, as it where, cross their beams it will only be at energies comparable to what Fermilab and CERN have been doing since the 80s. The Higgs, extra dimensions, time travelers and the rending the very fabric of reality are scheduled for next month.

Uroskin said...

I couldn't find my blog in the National Library archives. Which lesbian do you need to sleep with there?