Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun with Facebook

Are you looking for other couples to play with, without putting your relationship at risk? Has the sizzle gone out of your sexlife? Find out how a growing number of couples in the city of Auckland are getting more zing in their sexlife via the swinging lifestyle.

What is swinging? Quite simply, this lifestyle is about enjoying s-e-x with other adults together with your significant other.

Swinging is not just about 'Wife Swapping'. The swinging lifestyle is more about honest communication, being open-minded, and enjoying s-e-x without putting your relationship at risk. Swinging helps couples live out their sexual fantasies together with other adults.

If you wish to learn more about the swinging lifestyle in the Auckland, New Zealand, then this may be the group for you.

Auckland Swingers Club is a network of couples in the Auckland, New Zealand who are into the swinging lifestyle. As a member, you can DISCREETLY exchange information with other couples, arrange parties, webcam meets, or chat with them in our exclusive chatroom. We also have a message board where you can access and post messages quick and easy.

We hope you will find all the resources you need to enjoy this lifestyle. We are dedicated to being the REAL resource center for swingers and those curious about the lifestyle in Auckland, New Zealand.

Membership is limited to couples only. To join, simply tell us a little about yourself and why you wish to join our group. Join Now!

Before you dash off your application, it may be worth noting that the Auckland Swingers Facebook group has three members, all of them men. Still that is two more than Auckland Singles, the single member of which is, presumably, single and "looking for people who want to go out for a good meal and meet new people."

Maybe they could all hang out with the Auckland Ideal Organisation, where the Scientologists show what aesthetic horrors they will commit at Whitecliffe. Then again, there is always the distinguished company of the Auckland Media Mafia.


Dave said...

"it may be worth noting that the Auckland Swingers Facebook group has three members, all of them men"

But the names are all wrong. They should be "Bud", "Buster" and "Bones", dammit! Does nobody remember the classics these days?

Paul said...

Good point.

Hans Versluys said...

The Dogging parties over on NZ Dating are always popular.

Paul R said...

touche Dave, touche

George said...

Wow, the superadventurersclub headquarters is really something. It's like Harry Potter for grown-ups.