Friday, July 10, 2009

Just like Pagliacci did

Apologies, gentle readership, for my failure to blog of late. I have been busy suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous relationships. Within a few short weeks, I have experienced not one but two catastrophes of romance, the gory details of which I will spare you. The highs and lows (low, low, lows, since you ask) of these attachments have hindered progress on the writing front.

I shall resume the more emotionally fulfilling task of blogging shortly. I might also start work on my magnum opus, Paul Litterick's Big Book of Dating Disasters.

However, there is good news. Harvestbird is with harvestchild, this blog is on Mr Hatherley's list and I have the honour of a new blog follower: the Farhenheit 451 project of the Pelham Public Library, Fonthill, Ontario.

And when Smokey sings, I hear violins:


sas said...

smokey fixes everything.
hope this week is better :)

Giovanni Tiso said...

I've pre-order Paul Litterick's Big Book of Dating Disasters on Amazon. There was no price yet but money is no object.

Megan Clayton said...

I'd like to suggest the proposed manuscript be subject to peer review. I'm sure we can rustle up an editorial team in six to eight minutes.

And if I may harness this post to the theme of another, vegetarian pregnancy kills cafe culture stone dead. Pre-prepared salads and sandwiches are off-limits; the harvestchild's social nutrients must come from plain cake and chips.

Giovanni Tiso said...

I've long held the opinion that the pre-prepared salads and sandwiches available in NZ cafes are unsuitable for all living organisms, pregnant or otherwise.

Hans Versluys said...

Maybe stick to speed dating, the comedown is faster too