Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Far too young and clever

When Amis appears, he usually has a cigarette between his lips. "It was quite hard not to get him smoking," says Gorgas. There is a scene of him as the young writer. He is playing the guitar and on the table are a pen and large pad of paper, covered in notes. In another, he stands by his battered old white Mini. This car was known as "The Ashtray" as the interior overflowed with cigarette butts. There are photographs snatched while they were out walking together in the woods, or in Paris.
I was hoping that this review, of a photography exhibition about Martin Amis and his chums, would turn out to be a parody; but no: it is deadly serious and hideously quaint.

If you cannot get enough Amis, here is some moar: a Q and A, which the author does not take too seriously.


Danyl said...

I rated 'Times Arrow' and 'London Fields' pretty highly. 'The Information' was so dreadful I've never even looked at any of his other books. (I hear 'Money' is good.)

'Lucky Jim' is the best thing the Amis family has produced so far.

Paul said...

Money is good. We may mock him, but he is one of the best writers going.

Anonymous said...

Nope,sorry, Darryl, "The Alteration" is Amis' best. And it's out of print! (Sigh).

Craig Y