Sunday, January 18, 2009

And the bleat goes on

There is an old and tired joke, in which the question is asked "how do you know that a plane full of Poms has arrived" and the answer is given, "because the whining continues after the engines have stopped." In our little corner of the Rightosphere, life imitates joke. The tories, who ought to be happy because their party won, are miserable. On Kiwiblog, NZ Conservative, No Minister and elsewhere, they continue griping, as if nothing had changed. Every morning the posters post and the commentators comment. Everyday it is the same old tale of woe, of political correctness, of the nanny state, of Liabour, the Red Menace, the Yellow Peril, etc.

I am beginning to wonder if conservatism is pathological. And MoJo has some evidence to suggest it might be, as might Liberalism.


Anonymous said...

I suspect it is because they are incensed that people other than themselves are still around. The labour party is still there and might just win the next election. Only obliteration will satisfy people like that because if they are not absolutely and completely and utterly right then they may as well shoot themselves.

We can live in hope. Either that or they will burst a blood vessel. All that apoplexy cannot be good for you.

ZenTiger said...

Or you could just be talking out of your arse...