Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Career opportunities

So here I am, trying to write a summary of what my PhD will be, a task I must do in order to pass my first year; predicting the form that the results of one's research will take, before one has done the research, is a bit like playing tennis under water.

So, as a necessary displacement activity, I turn to the alumni pages of my alumnus and find that one of my classmates has become the Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I need coffee.


Anonymous said...

frankly... just write that you're going to cure cancer and discover where they hid world peace.

the first year's summary is more to demonstrate that you can write coherently, and have something of a "plan".

once you're 3 years in that fcker would have blown his chances by trying to doof the receptionist and you'll be ready to step into his role.

Anonymous said...

Paul I spent the first year of my science PhD using a technique that wasn't working to look for something I later discovered wasn't there. This Snark hunt was initiated by my honour's thesis and based on a time series with n=1 at each point . . .

As objectdart says, nobody is going to hold you to it, they just want to know if you can think and then write coherently about it. We know you can.

Paul said...

Thank you, both. I feel better now.