Sunday, January 11, 2009

All summer long

Out come the pohutukawa graphics and the "fun in the sun" headlines. We're all familiar with them; indeed you could run last year's version and no one would notice. Lots of pictures of children at the beach, trying out the boogie board Santa brought them; lots of prefabricated features about the best holiday spots; moronic sidebars about how a bunch of D-list celebrities will be spending their vacations; the year's highs and lows... I can't stand in judgement, I've manufactured them myself over the years.
Finlay Macdonald dissects the summer media.

Beach Boys:


Robyn said...

I was browsing in Kirkcaldie and Stains's Christmas shop (50% off all stock!!!) and saw some plastic pohutukawa flowers, made in China, for seasonably decorating one's abode.

Also, the worst thing about the holiday season is when newspapers invite readers to send in their holiday snaps. You end up with an online gallery filled with dozens of variants of children frolicking in water - beach, fountains, sprinklers.

Paul said...

And fishes. The papers are full of pictures of fishes that readers have caught. It makes me ill.