Friday, January 02, 2009

Public service announcement

Like many blogs, the Fundy Post will now feature advertisements. Unlike other blogs, the Fundy Post will feature British television advertisements from the 1970s; you will be persuaded to want products that you cannot buy. Here is a selection, one of which is presented by our own Peter Bland.


Robyn said...

The man in the Dixon's ad sounds like Matt Berry (of The Mighty Boosh and The IT Crowd). It'd buy a portable tape recorder from him!

The frozen cod ad was creep. "Have a proper lunch," you silly starving woman.

Anonymous said...

Confidential to CodMan: F*ck off.

The final season of The Goodies had fake LWT ads like these ones, complete with the b/w segue graphics. ("If you think it's good, you'd be right. If you think it's a lager, mind, you'd be wrong. Neat Scotch.")

It strikes me that, on the basis of these ads, the collective unconscious of White Britain in the 70s was formed around Nordic-looking women running down the street with freshly-washed hair. This goes some way towards explaining Bernard Black's enthusiasm for the elusive Summer Girl.

Paul said...

Ladies, I must warn you that advertisers' attitudes towards women in the 70s where somewhat unreconstructed. I am afraid our future explorations of 70s advertising will reveal more grevious cases than Codman (who is Rodney Bewes, co-star of the Likely Lads). Doubtless you will recall he episode of the Goodies when they became admen.

Summer Girl undoubtedly is based on the Sunsilk Girl, who dominated TV advertising at the time and who was the subject of several parodies.

Anonymous said...

Dingy and with frightening numbers of mulleted men, flares and unnaturally large lapels. Also, why do most of the ads have bad porn soundtracks? And I see that they were far more tolerant of mimes back then...