Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dangerous work at low tide

Following comments by readers on my recent post about the Rationalists, I had decided to let it lie. However, in another place, Matt Flannagan has been doing some digging and the results are curious. I shall refrain from comment, great though the temptation may be.

Russell Brown did me the honour of interviewing me on Public Address Radio last week. The show was broadcast on Radio Live last Saturday; you can listen to the podcast here. We spoke about the Rationalists, science, Atheism and the Ministry of Defence Art Collection.


Psycho Milt said...

The Flanagan piece is priceless! I'm glad to know I can now can call myself a qualified artist - after all, it says Bachelor of Arts right there on the paper.

HORansome said...

I've not really gone out of my way and solicited advice from academics from my Department (who are qualified Philosophers) and they think Dr. Cooke probably was mistaken initially, but now that the evidence is in the open that he is actively engaged in deception.

MandM said...


What department are you in?

Matthew Flannagan

HORansome said...

University of Auckland's Department of Philosophy. PhD-ing and currently teaching in Adult Education (which actually might be better than teaching undergrads; I've yet to decide on that).