Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad company

Sometimes I worry about the company I keep. Tonight, I staggered home from the recording of Media7 (where the back of my head sometimes is shown in the closing titles) to find that our host, Mr Russell Brown, is the Seventh worst New Zealander, and has been so since February 2006.

I suppose I should console myself that Mr Brown is not man-hating, anti-family, and hostile to marriage, as is the worst New Zealander, Margaret Wilson. And at least Mr Brown is a better New Zealander than Helen Clark and Tim Barnett. But then, Judith Tizard is a worse New Zealander than Mr Brown, although not quite as bad as Ms Wilson.

I suppose I should also seek consolation in the fact that this is not August 1968 and I do not know Gale Olson, Playboy Playmate of that Month, whose mother was from New Zealand (according to Wikipedia, which, of course, does not exist in 1968). This brazen hussy is possibly a worse New Zealander than any of the above. Frankly, I think I had a lucky escape.

Who me? Look, I am just trying to promote New Zealand on a world stage. It is my duty, now that our Prime Minister is also our Tourism Minister.


Robyn said...

Mr Bystander says Ms Wilson is "so baised it is not funny."

This could be a misspelling of biased, but I like to think he's invented a new work based on the French slang word baise.

Though use of that word wouldn't really be family friendly.

Paul said...

Quite. Well spotted.

Russell Brown said...

Ah, dear old Michael Wynd.

Still, who am I to argue with a man who writes Dawson's Creek fan fiction?


Russell Brown said...

And that Gale Olson's a bit of alright, isn't she? Almost makes md wish it was 1968.

Of course, then I would be six years old, which would be problematic.

Paul said...

Somehow I couldn't bring myself to mention the Dawson's Creek site; I am glad you did.

Can't it be 1968 but we could all be grown-up and have Internet? Of course, what we should be doing is warning Americans of what will happen if they vote for Nixon, rather than chasing Playboy Bunnies.

Philip Matthews said...

He's right about numbers five and six, though.

Anonymous said...
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