Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thought for the day

Yes, the public may one day come to rue the change they sought on Saturday. But if and when they do, there is no guarantee that a paternalistic Labour would be the only, or best source of relief. The Greens, now that they are finally free from any structural ties to Labour, will be trying hard to supplant them as the most effective opposition party on the left. On industrial relations and beneficiary issues, the Greens have already been making much of the running in recent years. If Labour remains intent on projecting a kinder, more efficient brand of centrism, they could well be overtaken significantly on their left - and the risk will be increased if Act does manage to pull National further to the right.
So says Gordon Campbell on Scoop, which apart from providing some of the best commentary on the Election, seems to be the only news outlet on the web still taking an interest. After a brief flirtation with serious stuff, the Herald has now returned to questions such as whether Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian.


Amnion said...

Yes, Campbell has been a shining light in a sea of dross. Long may he reign

For the rest of our media, intelligent is not a word that can really be used, and incisive commentary does not exist

Anonymous said...

Go Gordon! Wonderful stuff.

I think labelling Labour "paternalistic" is a bit confusing .. "maternalistic" perhaps?

I joke. The reality is that Labour were the govt, the buck stopped with them. Social policy has always been a strength and they did it well.

We will now see how "paternalistic" National become, unless they morph into the lazy and tight regime of the 90s.

But as Key said on RNZ yesterday, he has Maori Party to his left and ACT Party to his right. Both some distance from where he stands I might add. Key is trying to get these two extremist groups to cancel each other out. Chances are we will see the worst of both!