Monday, November 24, 2008

New Zealand, a boxing fish

John has managed to reiterate the importance of global free trade and not re-implementing restrictions because of the global downturn. He is meeting leaders as the new prime minister of New Zealand and trying to seal some relationships. New Zealand is a fairly small fish in the scheme of things although we have always had a reputation for being able to punch above our own weight on the world stage, take sports for instance.

You can't blame John for being enthusiastic in shaking George Bush's hand, he was one of the most powerful figures in the world. He is networking and that's what it is all about, pressing palms. Like they say, much business has been done on the golf course. Networking is the key !
New Zealand Herald readers comment, in a feast of mixed metaphors.


Giovanni Tiso said...

Reading the Herald's Your Views pages so that we don't have to? You'll be up for some sort of public service medal if you keep this up.

Jake said...

Is said commenter saying Key should punch Bush on the world stage? It would be a good way to win over the RAM constituency.