Thursday, August 12, 2010

House of want

"It will be bereft of the technology and comfort people expect to see."Mr Davies confirmed yesterday what peer reviewers reported in 2008, that aspects of the facility - kitchen fit-outs, turnstiles, scoreboards and replay screens - were "not in the base build", and he expected the final figure to pay for all he required would be a seven-figure sum.

Asked about the issue, Carisbrook Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry said last night he accepted any funding from trusts or other providers would mean other organisations could miss out.

That included the Otago Youth Wellness Trust, of which he was chairman.

"That's the way life is, I suppose," Mr Farry said

Really? The costing for Dunedin's new stadium did not include provision for a few things - kitchens, turnstiles, scoreboards, replay screens; and so a trust which "supported 11- to 18-year-olds with case management using social workers, and provided mentoring, educational support and health services liaison and information" might lose out on funding . That's just the way it is?

How are they going to explain this to the kids? "Sorry son, we can't help you; but look on the bright side: at least they have toilets at the stadium." And how can Mr Davis be so blithe about the matter? The base build lacked several items which are pretty basic for a sports stadium, which looks like pretty dishonest costing from where I am sitting (in a building which includes toilets, incidentally). Yet Mr Davis is confident that he will receive funding for such items. And Mr Farry thinks the money will come from trusts.

If I were a sports commentator I would say something hyperbolic like "this is a felt-pen moko on the face of our national game" but instead I will move right along to the latest results.

Stadium: Millions
Dunedin: Nil

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