Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday supplement

Margaret Hadley, 57, is due to appear in the Auckland District Court on September 3 over threatening to kill her neighbour and former friend, Margaret Martin, on August 20.

She is also charged with intent to frighten and threatening to injure Martin and her guide dog, Aisha.

The women have been neighbours for about three decades in the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert, a neighbourhood filled with many grand bungalows valued near the million-dollar mark.
These people are not famous; why are we reading about them in the Herald on Sunday? But wait, there's more:
Friends of Hadley include businessman Clive Head and Titirangi identity Graham Gordon, star of a recent Film Festival documentary called Gordonia and owner of the property at which the TV show The Cult was filmed. They said Hadley was harmless.
Balance has been restored. The accused knows someone who recently has become famous. The golden triangle of Celebrity-Property-Tragedy is complete. Not much of a celebrity, unfortunately; the property angle - there are expensive bungalows in Mount Albert - is a bit weak as well; and even the tragedy - illness - is hardly earthshattering. But at least Rachel Grunwell tried to squeeze as much Sunday value as possible from a very slight story. There should be a Quantas Award category for this sort of thing. And Grunwell should get bonus points for the threatened dog.

Elsewhere in today's paper, New Zealand has lost another dickhead:
On Wednesday, Tauranga man Dylan Hogg, who had seven drink-driving convictions and been to prison twice as a result, died after he crashed his car into a power pole near Te Puke. Police believe he had been drinking. Hogg, 34, was disqualified from driving and had been ordered by the court not to drink. "He did not take life too seriously, he sort of liked to take life at his terms and his pace," his cousin Reon Hogg said.
The power pole - which takes life at its terms and its pace - was unavailable for comment.

And finally, New Zealand's top models are less than the sum of their parts. You can tell by the pixels:
"It looks like they have purposefully tried to slim them down," said Lush, who has 10 years' experience in the graphic design industry. "With both pictures it is quite obvious they have done work on their legs. The calf muscle on [Amelia's] back leg looks a little thin in comparison to the front leg, especially seeing as this is the leg holding her weight. "If you zoom in [on Lara's legs] you can see that the pixilation is different above and below the join area. "It looks like they might have actually lengthened her legs a little."
If Amelia really has a front leg and a back leg, then the Mac operators deserve a Quantas for disguising her peculiar physique. More of this sort of thing can be seen at Photoshop Disasters.

Alison Goldfrapp next exit

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