Friday, August 20, 2010

Postcolonial Theory: meet Colonial Fact

This message came through on the Varsity wires:

A reminder of the High Commissioner's visit on Monday. The visiting party will include Brigadier-General Olivier Tramond, Commander of French Armed Forces in New Caledonia. This is a rare opportunity for students and staff to engage in discussion. Please disseminate widely.

New Caledonia: from the troubles of the 1980s to today

A lecture by His Excellency, Mr Yves Dassonville, French High Commissioner to New Caledonia

The High Commissioner is keen to engage with staff and students

· to explain the political situation in New Caledonia and its relationship with France to a wide New Zealand audience, and

· to discuss, and arrive at a deeper understanding of, issues around 'partnership with indigenous peoples' and 'self government in free association'

Monday 23 August 10am to 11.00am

At the Fale Pasifika

All welcome

A rare opportunity indeed; for once we can stop beating ourselves up about our own race issues, and witness old-fashioned colonialism in action.

What's more, it is being held at the Fale Pasifika, the most patronising building on campus, the one that says to the Polynesian students "look, we built you a fale, just like you have at home." Apparently, the building - by JASMAX of course - is a functional disaster. The envionmental controls simply do not work: it is too hot in summer, too cold in winter. The acoustics are awful as well, which is something of a shortcoming for a building designed for meetings. In any case, speakers cannot hear themselves speak because of the motorway nearby. The building has none of the usual environmental controls because its designers were determined to make it look like a building type which is quite unsuited to modern use and to a temperate environment. In short, it is an epic fale.

I do hope they have vin et fromage.


Lewis said...

Epic FALE! That deserves an image...

laughing_boy said...
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laughing_boy said...

ffff linky hardness
this is apparently what an epic fale is

frankly i'm not impressed