Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Open slather, this weekend

Train trips will be free throughout Auckland's rail network during this weekend's motorway closure on Newmarket Viaduct.

The Auckland Regional Transport Authority - which already intended running extra trains during the closure of the viaduct's southbound lanes for up to 36 hours from 5pm on Saturday - announced late yesterday that it would also underwrite free rail travel.

"Aucklanders are concerned about getting around the city during this time - free train travel is a small way we can assist," said customer services general manager Mark Lambert.

But Mr Lambert urged people not to take open-slather advantage of the offer, saying they needed to consider whether their travel was essential as capacity on trains would be limited.

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Uroskin said...

But we paid for the train set, the upgrades, Britomart, double tracking, Newmarket's new station (and the others), Kingdon Street's demolition, future electrification (and possible CBD tunnel) already so why pay fares?