Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Calling all penguins

Multimillionaire philanthropist Gareth Morgan is coming to the rescue of Happy Feet, the stranded and desperately ill penguin.

Morgan said that if Happy Feet survives, he would take it back to Antarctica on a Russian icebreaker.

The Kiwisaver provider is leading an expedition to the Ross Sea on the Spirit of Enderby in February and said Happy Feet and a Conservation Department minder could come along for the ride.
Post revised: thanks to the good offices of the estimable David Ritchie, I am now able to show you the quite peculiar graphic which accompanied this story on the front page of last week's Sunday Star Times. The image has a Mighty Boosh quality, which I am sure the SST Photoshop people did not intend.

Anyway, here is some timely advice for visiting penguins from Zappa fils:

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