Friday, June 24, 2011

Turned out nice again

New Zealand has come of age. Every aspect of this multicultural society has something to offer and it all equates to style. This book is a showcase of the lifestyle that New Zealanders enjoy. New Zealand's recent desire for an increasingly informal lifestyle continues to inspire homes that blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. To achieve this, a series of warm, comfortable living spaces are featured throughout the book maintaining a strong connection to the outdoors. The influence of our natural surroundings can be seen in our love for organic furniture and natural building materials such as stone and wood. Even the most contemporary homes often incorporate natural elements. New Zealand Style is a collection of stylish elements including food, wine, interior design, lifestyle, relaxation, the home and garden - everything that makes up our society. Enjoy!
Murray, Peter A., and Jenna Tartt.
New Zealand Style :
Outdoor Living, Food, Wine,
Relaxation and Home Ideas.
Australia: Murray Books, 2004

Since we have all had a very trying week, with all that fussing and fighting about Christchurch and Alasdair Thompson and the Slut Walk and everything else, I thought I would share this comforting blurb from the back cover of an Australian book about our famed sense of style. I feel better already; I am sure you do as well. Enjoy!

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