Friday, June 10, 2011

Silver machine

The planned building, at 5 Broadgate, would boast four trading floors each capable of holding 750 traders and has been described by Shuttleworth as an "engine of finance" with a design resembling an immense machine-tooled block of aluminium.
Ooh, an engine of finance; dontchajustloveit when the men in suits who work in unproductive areas of the global false economy are associated with things industrial? It's an engine; it's like they are part of a machine. It's like the suits are an industry.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The reason we don't have factories any more is that the men in suits got all post-industrial. All the real engines are made in China, along with everything else.

But anyway, enough of my liberal whingeing. I expect you want to see what Ken Shuttleworth (a very industrial sort of name, I think you'll agree) has in mind for Broadgate. Well, um - ta-ra. Yes, I know. It looks like the sort of thing they build in China.

And here is a message from the Cocteau Twins:

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