Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh Alice, come back, it's just a practice

My friend Amelia and I had a conversation about villas and the absurdities of epistemology, which can be found Yes, Here. Further commentary can be found on Mr Pound's Facebook.

"Finding this connection between the Duchess of Cambridge and Jane Austen is very exciting since, in many ways, Catherine is the modern Jane Austen heroine: a middle class girl marrying the future King of England," said Anastasia Harman, lead family historian for
who needs to read Jane Austen?

A PHD is the only difference between Dr Monroe and a psychopath
Someone needs to meet more PhDs; besides physicians do not normally have PhDs (note the lower-case h) and surgeons are known as Mister; am I being pedantic? Let's hear what the Cocteau Twins have to say:

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