Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cat scratch fever

A man who crashed his trail bike, striking his groin on the handlebars, is lucky he wasn't injured somewhere more private.
Where? Home, the little boys' room, the corporate box? Why this coyness, why this story? Why the headline, Groin smash horror, when no such horror took place?
"He lost control at a low speed and the handlebar went into his groin area. It was actually just off to the side of the groin area, the upper thigh area - it wasn't quite in the private parts," he told APNZ.
Meanwhile, the Herald on Sunday pursues the stories that matter with investigative reporting:
When the Herald on Sunday asked Dixon for comment, he offered an opportunity to say one word. The reporter said: "Jonathan..." then he cut in and said, "Chloe Johnson, that was your word". And hung up.
Meanwhile in 1978, Ted Nugent risks trouser groin horror:

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