Wednesday, August 21, 2013

He's Frank, She's Pans/Demi

Most Privileged to least privileged….
  1. White Straight Cis Male
  2. Asian Straight Cis Male
  3. Hispanic Straight Cis Male
  4. Mixed/Native Straight Cis Male
  5. African American Straight Cis Male
  6. White Gay Cis Male
  7. Asian Gay Cis Male 
  8. Hispanic Gay Cis Male
  9. Mixed/Native Gay Cis Male
  10. African American Gay Cis Male
  11. White Straight Cis Female
  12. Asian Straight Cis Female
  13. Hispanic Straight Cis Female
  14. Mixed/Native Straight Cis Female
  15. African American Straight Cis Female
  16. White Gay Cis Female 
  17. Asian Gay Cis Female
  18. Hispanic Gay Cis Female
  19. Mixed/Native Gay Cis Female
  20. African American Gay Cis Female
  21. White Tran Individual
  22. Asian Trans Individual 
  23. Hispanic Trans Individual
  24. Mixed/Native Trans Individual 
  25. African American Trans Individual 
  26. White Pans/Demi Female (this is me)
  27. Asian Pans/Demi Female
  28. Hispanic Pans/Demi Female
  29. Mixed/Natvie Pans/Demi female
  30. African American Pans/Demi Female

The privilege hierarchy was compiled by Amanda, whom can call  Elizabeth. Amanda/Elizabeth enjoys a healthy and open vegan lifestyle. She has a boyfriend named Frank, with whom she lives. As you can see, at number 26, Amanda/Elizabeth is near the bottom, which is where you would want to be if you were compiling a privilege hierarchy. Shouldn't that be kyriarchy? Or perhaps not; it is all too confusing.

Life must be rough for white Pans/Demi Females, but worse for Asian Pans/Demi Females and turtles all the way down. The roughest thing about life for Pans/Demi Females is that nobody knows what they are or what they want. There seem to be no Pans/Demi males, which is probably a function of the kyriarchy.

Some of us might have difficulty with the notion of a white female who will be a junior in college in the fall being near the bottom of any hierarchy. Some of us also will be bewildered by the notion of a sexuality league table. The gender/sexuality/identity thing these days seems to be all about lists and rankings. And let us not forget the acronyms, and the stroke/oblique.  It is all a lot like the army.

Breaking news: Amanda/Elizabeth broke up with Frank, had this other guy and now she is pregnant; so at least we know that being a Pans/Demi Female does not preclude Rumpy/Pumpy.

I think this whole thing is scripted. It is probably one of those viral marketing campaigns; or perhaps a ruse to rile Republicans. I hope so. If it is true, it is all rather unfortunate.

Look Blue Go Purple; Lovely song, rubbish video:


Psycho Milt said...

She shows great wisdom for one so young. I'll be left pondering the nuances of "When a man rapes a woman it is always rape" for some time.

Anonymous said...

Why does she hate asexuals so much?

Paul said...

They don't put out.

Paul said...
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