Monday, August 19, 2013

Me with nothing to say and you in your blue blazer

The blue blazer is an icon of men's style, particularly collegiate men's style. The versatility of the garment allows the young man donning it to feel at home in just about any social setting. Pair a blue blazer with chinos and an open-collar button-down for a preppy look at happy hour. Mate the same blue blazer with a pair of dress slacks and a tie as you talk to recruiters at job fairs for potential internship opportunities.
Remember Yahoo? No longer surprised why you don't remember Yahoo? Wondering if you should write it with the exclamation mark, so it would be Yahoo!?

Does not the blue blazer say that you, young man, have given up the possibility of having a fulfilling life even before you have left college? Does it not say that you have decided, because of ambition and fear, that you have surrendered any independence of mind you had as a child in favour of conformity to the prejudices of the recruiters at job fairs? Do you want that internship opportunity, the chance to work for them for little or nothing, so much? Do you think you will not regret sacrificing your college years, your one chance of freedom, to a life of corporate respectibility? Do you want to have that preppy look at happy hour? Do you realise that you are never going to have sex with an art student?

And what are dress slacks? Do I really want to know?


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