Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Among Movie Stars

Although it may prove a dire disappointment to a large number of people, it must be stated on very good authority that the popular notion that Hollywood parties resemble a Stroheim orgy is entirely fallacious —that is, speaking generally, says a London correspondent

After supper some played bridge, whilst others talked shop and unfolded new screenplays, Strange as it may seem, this is a very favourite pastime at Hollywood's parties. Books are also discussed, and it may interest quite a few that Bebe Daniels is an assiduous book collector. Some of the most original parties are given by Aileen Pringle, who has a lovely Spanish mission home. It appears that the height of ambition of every moving picture star is to possess an Italian or Spanish house, a Rolls Royce, and a white police dog. Carmel Myers, Florence Vidor, Lilian Gish are apparently not such very extraordinary people. Some may be glad to hear this, whilst, of course, others of a sensation loving disposition will be most disappointed.

Evening Post
30 November 1928
 Page 13

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