Friday, April 10, 2015

His sister, a well known Swiss artist

By the departure of Mr James Hugh, of Palmerston North, who left to-day in the Wakanui, New Zealand loses a valued colonist, who has spent many years in this province. Mr Hugh was somewhat of an antiquary, and in his house, which was built in the style of a Swiss chalet, he had many art treasures, and some rare pieces of carved furniture centuries old. The old furniture has been disposed of in the colony, principally in Wellington and Dunedin; but the rarer pieces of pottery and bric-a-brac Mr Hugh is taking with him to Switzerland. Mr Hugh intends to settle near his old home at Lake Neuchatel, where His sister, a well known Swiss artist, resides. There has been an artist in the family for hundreds of years, and the works of Miss Hugh have been honoured with a place in the National Gallery.

Otago Daily Times
30 May 1900 
Page 6

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