Wednesday, September 22, 2010


He is gone. Rejoice.

And rejoice too that ACT's identity crisis is such that they are bleating about their ex-member not telling them he left. And that Rodney Hide seems to be in an ongoing Ides-of-March situation, assuring everyone of the confidence his party has in him and that he earns everyday, while the conspirators lurk in the shadows.

Perhaps we should devise an equivalent of the LBJ chant, something along the lines of "hey, hey, Rodney Hide, how many crims are on your side?"

And rejoice three that Bob McCoskrie has been exposed as a hypocrite. Go back to your farm, Bob.

Whilst we are at it, we should also rejoice that we have a justice system which can exercise the clemency Mr Garrett enjoyed, that allowed him to go free and to pursue a legal career, the clemency which he and his mob would deny to others who are far less privileged.

Whatever happened to the twinset? And where is the saxophonist?

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