Thursday, September 09, 2010

Classics illustrated

For Stephen, here is Frank Zappa's The Perfect Stranger conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen, from Finnish television. This piece was commissioned from Zappa by Pierre Boulez.

Some might say that I am a pretentious git for posting this. But those some would be wrong. I am only posting this to see whether the new template I have chosen is wide enough to fit embedded YouTube clips. I really did not want a new template, but I have tired of manually changing the width and height of YouTube clips to fit them into the blog (I am however,grateful to Leigh of the Rushleigh Chronicles for telling me how to make such a change).

Anyway, I like it.


Leigh said...

Hi Paul, thanks for the mention. Actually after I wrote to you I wondered if I'd given you the wrong dimensions! Since then I see that YouTube offer a 'custom' dimension when you select the embed code. If you enter 400 in the width it does the rest for you.

Hmm, those new templates are a puzzle. Good luck with yours. I spent hours figuring them out and repeatedly came up against things I didn't like, and simple things just don't work as well such as scrolling down which became jerky so I gave up.

Zappa is amazing. I had no idea of the extent of his stature and prowess until I saw an in-depth documentary about him - a remarkable man and a thoughtful activist.

Stephen Stratford said...

That is a really good performance of one of his best "classical" pieces.

Hard to tell when it was made - Salonen is ageless so he could have been 17 or 47. How hateful.