Thursday, September 23, 2010

Come friendly bombs

Auckland City Council is celebrating Auckland Heritage Week by allowing the demolition of three houses in St Heliers without the meddlesome public having a say. Clearly the city's insatiable demand for retail units and office accommodation must be accommodated.

Of course they are not, as the Aucklander claims, Art Deco (a style which does not really exist) but a sort of moderne Spanish Mission. But they are very nice and not only the oldest houses in St Heliers but arguably the only attractive buildings left in that dismal suburb.

Better architectural news just to hand: Christchurch Modern is back.

With thanks to Mr Samuel Finnemore for the tip.
Here is an unrelated hauntological clip:

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Jake said...

Why, when there are so many shitty buildings in Auckland to choose from, do they always want to knock down the few good ones?