Friday, September 17, 2010

There's no point in asking

On Monday, 20th September the Faculty of Arts will go live with The Service Delivery Model Project. This project will see the introduction of a new student enquiry and escalation process.

This means that from Monday’s Go Live all calls to the Arts Students’ Centre, and all emails to, are being redirected through the Contact Centre. The Contact Centre staff will answer log these enquiries and the answers they provide in RightNow (a Customer Relationship Management system), allowing us to review and report on enquiries and the advice provided.

The Contact Centre staff will use questions and answers supplied by our faculty and stored in the Knowledgebase to answer student enquiries. Any Faculty of Arts phone or email enquiries that the Contact Centre cannot resolve, or which we have identified as requiring a specialist response, will then be forwarded to the Arts Students’ Centre for resolution via RightNow. We will then answer the query and record the resolution in RightNow. The Arts Students’ Centre will still handle face-to-face enquiries and these enquiries will also be recorded in RightNow where further action and/or evidence of the advice provided is required.

To support the new service delivery model we will be removing personal extensions for our Arts Students’ Centre staff from our website and publications, and will be encouraging students to use the self service facilities of Student Services Online and Ask Auckland for straightforward enquiries. The current phone extensions of each of our Student Centre staff will, as of Monday, be redirected through the Contact Centre. Staff have been issued with a new extension for internal and private use as follows:


The new numbers above will be operational from Monday. If you do call staff on their current extensions after Monday you will find your call answered by the Contact Centre team who will be unable to redirect your call.

This new student enquiry and escalation process will save the Arts Students’ Centre staff considerable time, allowing us to focus more on face-to-face and complex enquiries, and therefore improving our service delivery to students.


Anonymous said...

iFeel YourPain

Anonymous said...

Well, the bureaucrats have stolen the show from the academics. This is what happens. Watch the university slide down the rankings. It's heartbreaking to watch the descent of a good institution into bureaucratic chaos.