Monday, December 18, 2006

Crawling from the wreckage

I would like to apologise for my failure to produce updates to the Fundy Post recently. My only excuse is that I have had a lost week and a bit, which began two Fridays back with the splendid opening celebrations for the Grand Atrium at Auckland Museum and finished in the wee small hours of this morning at a far less reputable place. In between were numerous nights out and my birthday celebrations. I decided all this debauchery had to end this afternoon. The Fundy Post has crawled from the wreckage of its creator's life.

Today, I bring you a miscellany of stuff, since little is going on and so few readers are at work, wasting their employer's time reading this blog.

For your amusement, you may like to read this bollocks from the Apologetics Press. I include it merely as an example of the kind of pseudo-academic tosh that emanates from fundy circles. I didn't bother reading much of it: I have been on holiday.

Speaking of bollocks, here is the latest from Deborah Coddington. Best remembered for her in-depth study of the Yellow Peril for North and South, Coddington has recently read an article in The Spectator about a book called The Improving State of the World . The result of this exhaustive research is a diatribe for the Herald with the snappy title Against the tide of chic climate change gloom.

So, The Spectator saved The Coddington the trouble of reading the book and she saved us the trouble of reading The Spectator. I will keep this chain of indolence alive by saving you the trouble of reading her article. Here is her argument: everything in the world is getting better, so climate change does not matter. Can somebody tell me why this woman has a job?

Meanwhile, the NZ Catholic newspaper has demanded that Catholics abstain from eating Hell Pizza because of those rubber johnnies which Hell was distributing. This is hardly suprising, since the Holy Roman Church (the people who brought you Fascism) would prefer that people die rather than use contraceptives. However, a quick glance at NZ Catholic confirms that the paper and the church it represents are obsessed with sex. For all its glory and gravitas, the Catholic Church is little more than a bunch of creepy, weird old men in skirts who are scared of girls. In case you have any doubts, here is a story from the current issue of NZ Catholic about further attempts by Right To Life to prevent abortions.

Finally, my friend Jake sent me a story about the latest from Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, the fundies who made a fortune from the Left Behind series of Apocalyptic stories for cretins. Their new money-making wheeze is a game based on their deranged fantasies, in which fundy kids get to kill non-believers.

I could go on, as there is so much of this stuff out there. However, I shall wait until the War Against Christmas is declared; or was that outbreak of paranoia just for last year? Breaking news: hostilities have begun.


morgue said...

Love your work.

For my favourite writing on the "war on Christmas" nonsense, take a look at the lucid and deadpan Brit Andrew Rilstone, where he has become skilled at decoding and exposing tabloid obsessions. A recent post on the Christmas cards subject gives a sample of his style:

Anonymous said...

Anyway, Solstice greetings, dearheart.

Craig Y.

Anonymous said...

And just to top it off, one of the fundy types at has graduated to Ian Wisharts online rag :) Yes, he too can now go on at length about tofu causing gayness (I was banned from SH for pointing this little gem out )


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Bollocks here is another example:

Rob McLeod of the Business Roundtable says:

" .. I can speak for most of the businesspeople and business organisations mentioned in the book [Hollow Men] in noting that the common feature of busines efforts to influence New Zealand political thinking in the past 20 years has been overwhelmingly about the national interest, not self interest."

Of course unions, producer boards etc - they are concerned only with self interest!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Paul ... can we class Business Roundtable as Fundy. They have Diane Foreman, Roger Kerr and also this bloke on board!

Enjoy the full article!

Antarctic Lemur said...

"I was banned from SH for pointing this little gem out"

You were banned for 1 month for being an ungracious prick and your 2nd prickish comment was deleted.

Pablo said...

Having just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading Coddington's piece, all I want to do is find the farmer who pulled her mother's car out of the mud & slap his face!

Anonymous said...

gasp, a slap over the knuckles by a sir humphreys' moderator