Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Investigate Literary Supplement

My correspondent NZ Party Babe has drawn my attention to a remarkable piece of writing posted on The Briefing Room, "Investigate Magazine's breaking news forum." It is a polemic inspired by Nicky Hager's The Hollow Men, written by one Philip G Hayward. Unfortunately, Mr Hayward cannot keep to his subject and, affter a promising first paragraph, digresses into a lengthy bout of spluttering over the crimes of lefties that continues for many, many words with only glancing references to the book.

I appreciate that Fundy Post readers are busy people who are probably taking a well-earned rest from their work of subverting the institutions of this country to spend the Summer indulging in acts of debauchery and vile perversion. With this in mind, I have prepared a summary of Mr Hayward's polemic, using his own words in their original order. I hope readers will find what follows to be a useful service.

stooges, plants, and traitors -"Parliamentary Services"- Watergate-esque level of political espionage - Great Leader Helen Clark - sycophants who infest our media - our fine non-partisan Police - Chomsky/Pilger - Marxists - Trotskyites - tall poppy syndrome - media-dominating Left - "long march through the institutions" - leftist propaganda by our institutions - Hager and his ilk - average high school dropout career beneficiary - "proletariat" - neo-Stalinist conspiracy theorist - jobs provided - biased media - Al Gore - biggest confidence scam in history - providing for yourself and your family - paying taxes - valuable contributions to N.Z. society - private hospital - "compassionate Socialism" - Chris Trotter - massive scam - Socialist healthcare - decades of Communism - North Korea and Cuba - the Eric Hobsbawms and the Noam Chomsky's - victims of Socialism - Stalin - Mao - Pol Pot - Kim-Il Jong - control over the minds of ALL the school age youth - public education system - successfully subverted - unreformed featherbedding-ridden structures - teachers unions - Animal Farm - Marxist notions of "income redistribution" and "social justice" - "tear-down-the-rich" -Left-wing control through the media, education, bureaucracy, and other institutions - legislating against the principles of the freedom of speech - legions of full-time advocates - teachers, journalists, bureaucrats - beneficiaries with ample idle time - acolytes- beneficiaries, bureaucrats - vested interest - policies that provide them with their source of income - demographic crisis of unsustainability of Government spending - "liberal" causes - "fashionable" among many of the wealthier categories of people - George Soros, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, the Rockefeller foundation - some kind of "Great Satan" - "command economies" that have killed off millions - Richard Armitage -lefty polemic -American detainment camps for terrorists - murderers, rapists and assorted thugs - dysfunctional post-Christian liberal-socialist-experiment society - gulags for a minority group of religious dissidents - staunch Stalinist - breach of National's privacy - proprietors of modest small businesses - Goebbells tactic - shameful indication of the state of our democratic freedoms - sneaky little totalitarian - Michael Bassett - one real investigative journalist - Ian Wishart - death threats - Police Commissioner Peter Doone - upstanding New Zealander - "Chavismo" - throw the rule of law to the winds - hegemony over the loyalty of the masses. - Dominion ("Pravda") Post - real malfeasance

On the other hand, if you enjoyed Mr Hayward's work unabridged, let me direct you to his letters to the Capital Times, on such diverse topics as Christian Liberal-leftist Quisling revisionists, as well as muslims and not forgetting Atheists, moral relativists and secular humanists.

After all this, you may be wondering if Mr Hayward approves of anyone. He does: Haylee Westenra.


Anonymous said...

Spotted your comment on the Briefing Room Site Paul. I see one "Andrei" has come to the defence of Philip Hayward - pointing out that Fran O'Sullivan was also critical.

Unfortunately the name of Fran O'Sulivan is likely to revive nightmares for Wishy Washy. You may recall that Ian was trying to get the media to publish some 11th hour scandal immediately prior to the last general election, and she was most public in explaining in stinging terms why she was about to cover no such thing!

I read a recent article by Fran O'Sullivan where she was demanding to know why the culprits who allegedly stole emails has not be mercilessly tracked down. My understanding however is that both police and computer experts have been investigating these allegations, fruitless though the investigation has been.

It is unfortunate that the New Years' Honours have already been announced - anyone who assisted in exposing the deceptions in the Hollow Men deserved a knighthood or the more modern equivalent.

NZ Party Babe

Anonymous said...

Paul, I went to the Capital Times website and found this gem (it applies also to Lucyna and Wishart):

Primeval forest

WHEN I read the letters penned by Darryl Ward, H Westfold and Phillip G Hayward it saddened me and reminded me of Jack London, in his Iron Heel when he had his hero, Ernest Everhard tell a group of ministers that they were, "As far removed from the intellectual life of the 20th century as the Indian medicine man muttering incantations in the primeval forest."

A theory, to have any value, must be based on some facts.

R O Hare, Lower Hutt

Anonymous said...

More reading for the break?

Not as good as fundy post but some interesting points all the same

Anonymous said...

Another resource for all fundy watchers.

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought the silly season could never be sillier .. look at this extract from NZ Herald editorial today:

"...Dr Brash obtained a blanket injunction against any publication of his stolen emails. Muckraker Nicky Hager announced he had written the book of emails but it did not concern the National leader's personal life. Since suppression of the Hager book was more damaging to him than its contents would be, Dr Brash was in a bind. If he lifted the injunction his private correspondence would be exposed. Resignation was his only course.

The country perhaps rests a little easier with him gone. His denial of Maori aspirations and his questioning this year of their blood quantum did not bode well for social harmony. His economic radicalism, well documented in the Hager book, would have been unwelcome and was probably past its time."

According to The Hollow Men, The NZ Herald was meant to be National-friendly - not like those awaful people at Fairfax or TVNZ!~

Heavens above - are we going to see some real heat-seeking journalism this year - seeking the facts and identifying problems like Brash when they happen, or even before they happen?

Or is the NZ Herald simply cutting its losses and clearing the decks for a Key-friendly year?

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

That fundy-watch blogger is a born-again "Chrisitian" who can't spell, eg:

"It makes her [an atheist] feel smart to pretend that get's the better of Christians, they are so stupid, she is so supirior."

I agree with Richard Dawkins argument in his new book, The God Delusion: it's time for atheists to come out of the closet and challenge religious claptrap wherever it appears. Enough of the special treatment in tax and employment law. Enough of taxpayer subsidies for the indoctrination of children in religious schools.

Anonymous said...

proud2batheist is right about fundy watch, although tis funny to watch these interdenominational battles or whatever they are.

Here is quite a nice page:

Quite good, along with the new Dawkins book referred to.

Is there anywhere a list of good links to fundy sites? Paul do you have such a list?

Paul said...

I have a list. I shall dust it off and post it.

Anonymous said...

"Investigate""literary quality"-
somehow, this strikes me as an oxymoron...

Craig Y.

Paul said...

To be fair, Investigate has a very good Literary Editor: Michael Morrissey, who writes good short stories and who edited the New Fiction a few years back.

Anonymous said...

Wishart chose his man well there. A specialist in Fiction you say?
He must feel at home working with the editor.

Paul said...

Aye. The New Fiction, which MM edited and to which he contributed, is a book of Postmodern fiction. It is very good, but we had better not tell the Maxim Institute (or the NZARH).

Anonymous said...

Or Wishart himself. Although, some to think of it, his own creative writing often crosses the line between print and surrealism...*

Craig Y.

*Dali's Chien Andalou, to be honest.