Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Fundy Post Newswire Christmas Special

Jingle Tills
We shall overcome.

KISS @ Christmas
Sound advice from Judith Tizard.

The 2006 Scoop Awards
It's that time of year again.

The real schismatics and bigots
Pat Buchanan froths about Anglican girl power.

Episcopalians Against Equality
What all the fuss is about.

Ordination of female priests and bishops in the worldwide Anglican Communion
The full story from Religious Tolerance.

The delicate balance between religion and politics
A Mormon thinks of running for President.

The rape of Europe
All the fault of us secularists, apparently.

Liberals never learn
More rightish rantings.

The Swedish, Norwegian and Scandinavian Branches of the Illuminati
As well as Zionist perverts and Jesuit parasites, to all of which the only solution is Nazism.

Alternative Three
The hoax that keeps on hoaxing.

Hell pizza, condoms and Christians.
Another blog on one of our favourite stories of the year.

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