Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The return of the Durutti column

Back in the day, when I was Spokesman for the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists (Inc), I compiled the Fundy Post Newswire, which provided links to stories about the antics of our fundy friends. It was kinda fun, unlike most activities of the NZARH, which are kinda dull. For that reason it had to go, as did I.

Still, why should that stop us? We can put on the show right here in the barn!

Here are few headlines that might interest you. I can claim no credit, since Craig Young provided them all, but I will crank up the Google News Alerts and try to do this thing regularly. Comments and contributions from readers are welcome.

Brethren member guilty of indecently assaulting girl, 10 Why are we not surprised?

The Church vs the Mall: What Happens When Religion Faces Increased Secular Competition? Sin, that's what happens.

Fundamentalist churches in Fiji see links between coup makers and witchcraft That old black magic has Fiji in its spell

Don Brash Writes: Nicky Hager's book A Doctor writes

Court to decide on church-state split Democracy is not a faith-based initiative.


Anonymous said...

Well Paul noone here should be surprised about Exclusive Brethrens and child abuse - physical or mental.

In spite of all other pretensions, Fundy's love CONTROL above all else, and in particular to control the young.

Evidence aplenty on sites such as this one:

Not sure why you put the Brash link on there. It seems to be another example of the man squirming and squirming without any prospect of getting off the hook!

NZ Party Babe

Anonymous said...

Also ..

Here is a name that may mean something to your subscribers:

Bruce Logan?

Read from page 203 in "The Hollow Men" to see how the hollowed out people at Maxim Institute cooperated with the hollow men of the National Party, and vice versal.

It says that Bruce Logan offered 'to put together a meeting of up to 1000 "flammable" parents
on the North Shore of Auckland so Brash could present National's education policies to a large and
sympathetic audience'.

If I had known, might have been tempted to attend - cigarette lighter in hand!

Paul said...

That is precisely why I put the Brash link up. By the way, I wish I had more readers with names like NZ Party Babe.

More about Hollow Man Bruce Logan soon.

Anonymous said...

Status report: 4.5 post-Logangate
articles by aforementioned and holding...

Craig Y

Anonymous said...

Another name that might ring a bell with long time Fundy readers is Frank Ellis.

His publisher in NZ, Maxim Institute, must be pleased to see he can still be reported in the media.,,1976925,00.html

Anonymous said...


I am reading the Hollow Man to. Turning to Page 203 as above I find another fundy (?) called Norman La Roque or something.

It seems like Bruce Logan, Norman La Roque and Don Brash were linked somehow. Who is Norman?