Saturday, December 30, 2006

More Brethren family values

Following yesterday's post about the activities of the Elect Vessel of the Exclusive Brethren, comes this gruesome story of attempts by Bruce Hales and other Brethren to cover up the sex crimes of one of their senior members.

It is not a pretty note on which to end the year.

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Anonymous said...

For more New Year reading amusement I offer the following:

Further defence of the Exclusive Brethren is included and ..

Yes it is Wishy Washy (i.e. Wish heart) again folks with his long awaited (?) expert (?) critique of the "Hollow Men".

He seems to think most of the media these days is left wing - unsurprising when you consider his views! That leaves him in the position to take on the whole world by himself.

I am still puzzled. If Nicky Hager was on about nothing, how was it that former hero Don Brash suffered the swiftest fall from grace of any NZ politician, in living memory?

Also, was it Wishy in an edition of "Investigate" that suggested that the private detectives hired by the Exclusive Brethren member(s) to pursue the likes of Peter Davis were doing the work that the media should have been doing? Ha ha ha!

A hero to emerge from Wishy's critique is Dr Michael Bassett! He can rest his case right there.

NZ Party Babe