Monday, June 23, 2008

Please explain, somebody

An astute observation of current events comes from no less an authority on political matters than Bridget Saunders.
"CAPTURING LOVE, beauty and happiness" says the card of the photographer who took a photo of John Key, Dr Richard Worth, Auckland mayor John Banks and National's Auckland Central candidate Nikki Kaye at a fundraising event on Sunday night. Well, I wouldn't go quite that far but National is certainly feeling mighty cheerful right now. John Key is betting on an election date of October 18. He says it won't be November as the US election is on November 5 and no matter which way that goes, it will be bad for Helen. And if she leaves it till November 15, she will look desperate.
What does Key mean? How could the result of the US Presidential election be bad for the PM?


David Farrar said...

If Obama wins then it will be all about how people are voting for change.

If McCain wins, then it is about a right wing victory.

Neither outcome is particularly helpful for an incumbent left wing Government.

Lyndon said...

I know, I know, it's a bit like you're the straight man (as they say) and DPF provided the punchline.

OTOH, saying "And if she leaves it till November 15, she will look desperate" sounds a bit like "I hope she doesn't leave it till November 15". Not that I can make more sense of that either way.

Hans Versluys said...

How is voting for Key voting for change? You'd still get the old 1990s lot of English, Smith, Brownlee, Smith and Williamson. A case of plus ca change?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the grim reminder.. Bill English, Nick Smith, Gerry Brownlee, Lockwood Smith, Maurice Williamson.

No wonder they cant come up with any policy.

Memories are so short.

In 2005 we nearly got Don Brash leading that lot!

National is just an anti-Labour grouping - it has no genuine identity of its own. At present they need to do nothing so nothing is what they do. NZ will get the government it deserves damn it.