Thursday, August 07, 2008

Irresponsible media

Would you go to all the trouble of being oppressed if you could have the authentic taste of state-controlled media in the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can, thanks to the New Zealand Herald! Yes, it's true! The paper that brought you the authorised unauthorised biography of John Key now brings you takeaway propaganda. The Herald has specially selected Auckland-based Chinese journalist Jing Jing Wei to be its embedded blogger. To celebrate China's Olympics, Jing Jing Wei will bring the Party Line direct to your home.

Jing Jing doesn't mind about censorship. The Firewall is her friend. She doesn't know what the terrorists want – they are probably just threatening money-grubbers – and she is not going to find out. What she does know is that conscientious and patriotic Chinese are cooperating in hosting the Olympics. While local bloggers are being censored and arrested, Jing Jing Mei brings you the stories that irresponsible media won't tell.

Her commentators agree: writes Wendy Zhou of Hillcrest, "medias like BBC are the biggest 'terrorist' in the world, the damage they made is far too big than those of a suicide bomber, they damage people's mind instead of their body." Peter of Singapore whole-heartedly criticises Prime Minister Helen Clark for signing a free trade agreement but not attending the Games. And Fay Chang of Beijing says "I am feeling a littel bit more lucky since I am living in this city and can feel the Olympic air everyday." Yes, Beijing: the city with air you can feel.

Jing Jing Mei probably won't want you to read about Humiliation & the Olympics.

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George said...

At least we're not the victims of a Labour-media conspiracy of payrolled activists and Snooper Scoopers.

Eric Olthwaite said...

"Although I don't know exactly what the terrorists' motivation is"

Wow! you think maybe finding out would be a good idea? What with being a journalist and all?

"How is the travel? Did the explosion impact?" I asked.

Are the editors at the Herald on strike?

Anonymous said...

Indeed - will the cheerleading never stop? Some objectivity or actual insight would help. The fact the Herald chooses not to publish the majority of comments from those outside the "Beijing is great and China is great and it's all a mass conspiracy to tarnish China's good name" Chinese community doesn't help either....

Anonymous said...

I wrote to the editor of the Herald (online edition editor) about Jingjing Wei's disgraceful articles.

It was a very poor choice by the New Zealand Herald. Setting her views aside, the fact that as a so called 'journalist' she showed no inclination to research any of the issues she touched on was incredible.

Then there was her awful English. Why did they not allow a copy editor to proof her stuff? Would that have been non-PC?

Finally there was the irony of a free media publishing the views of somebody so fundamentally opposed to the idea of free expression.

Why the NZ Herald decided a series of Xinhua style opinion pieces would be an appropriate voice for the Chinese community I have no idea. I may be mistaken but I see the Chinese community as somewhat better than this.