Thursday, August 07, 2008

Young folks talking 'bout the young style

On Morning Report yesterday, Dr Nick "mad for Nelson" Smith told of his encounter with a young person who claimed to be a Young Nats supporter but who Dr Smith believes was the mystery taper of cocktail party conversations. Dr Smith was suspicious because this young man was dressed in an "alternative" fashion.

In order to help Dr Smith with his investigations, herewith attached is a photograph of the current Young Labour Executive. As you can see they are, to a man, strangers to Country Road.

The Fundy Post does not seek to excuse this taping incident, but believes there may be mitigating circumstances: Jet Boy stole their baby.


Robyn said...

The 'Dolls can also provide a theme tune for John Key's recent troubles with those pesky dogs getting into his bin.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Dolls in Auckland last year? No feather boas from memory, but still a great show.