Monday, March 01, 2010

Another reason to avoid Britain

Henry, from Essex, was the first man in Britain to have buttock implants. He hated his flat, skinny bottom but didn't have £7,000 to blow on surgery. So he approached an agency called Talk to the Press.

Launched two years ago by freelance journalist, Natasha Courtenay-Smith, the London firm receives more than 20 emails a day from people with tales to tell. Courtenay-Smith sold the buttock story to the Sunday Mirror and New! magazine and is seen in the documentary talking to Henry about a follow-up. As the narrator puts it, "For everyone involved, Henry's bottom has become a goldmine."

Buttock implants, true life stories, PR agencies, instant celebrity; that's four reasons and I could go on; and, of course, women called Natasha.


Rusty said...

What a complete arse, so to speak.

Philip said...

The autobiography (ghost-written by Natasha Courtenay-Smith): Rock Bottom, or Piles of Stone.

Word Verification: antall. Well, quite.

Peter in Dundee said...

Paul my wife and I watched the Channel 4 docu on this open mouthed. They had expertly previewed it for two weeks prior to it being shown and it was worth the wait.

Anthropology reports from right under your feet on stuff people get up to that you never knew about is always fascinating. The buttock implant man is reinvesting the money from his press appearances on further cosmetic surgery.

Paul said...

I am reminded of why I do not watch television.