Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Down with this sort of thing

A photograph of a nude six-year-old girl on the cover of a high-brow Australian art magazine today sparked an uproar after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called it disgusting, infuriating liberal art critics.

This month's taxpayer-funded Art Monthly Australia magazine placed the photograph of the young dark-haired girl on the cover, sitting and with one nipple showing, to protest censorship of a recent photo exhibition featuring similarly naked children.

"I can't stand this stuff," said Rudd, a staunch Christian whose centre-left Labor government won a sweeping victory over conservatives last year, in part on a vow to reinvigorate Australia's small but influential arts community.

Sometimes, I wonder why Australia bothers having a rabid, frothing Christian Right when it can get the same sort of service from its
Prime Minister. Sometimes, I recall the days when the Independent was a serious newspaper. 

What next? Will the Prime Minister demand the burning of  Led Zeppelin albums? Will the Independent find more excuses for prurience?


Lyndon said...

Did you miss that business? Rudd seems to make a habit of having an opinion on outrages; you'd always find him quote in stories about the Chaser as well.

Paul said...

Sorry, cock-up on Blogger front: something to do with scheduling posts. Still, old news is good news, as they say.

Anonymous said...

You forgot his refusal to unrepeal Australia's federal Howard era same-sex marriage ban. Mind you, Queenslander. Gak.

Craig Y