Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It seemed like a good idea at the time

There appears to be a cross-party agreement to squander the public's money. Why? It's partly because many Tory and Lib Dem voters hate big, efficient windfarms, and this scheme appears to offer an alternative. But it's mostly because solar panels accord with the aspirations of the middle classes. The solar panel is the ideal modern status symbol, which signifies both wealth and moral superiority, even if it's perfectly useless.
The British Government's 
Feed-in tariffs for solar panels.
The independent report by Otago University researchers, commissioned by EECA, said the standard insulation upgrade was warming some homes in the deep south by less than half a degree.
The NZ Government's
home insulation scheme
The Conservative economic legacy is a massive transfer of wealth and power away from the majority of the people to capital, away from the poor to the rich, and away from the country to London. The economy has been financialised at the expense of more equitable productive wealth creation. Cameron has no political economy to enact his pro-social politics and his rhetoric of social justice.
The Property-owning Democracy
The church member who contacted the Herald said many in the congregation felt the covenant was going against the Gospel."It was a money-making scheme. All the people who make covenant with Bishop Tamaki have to buy a $300 ring. You might think I'm stupid for going into the church in the first place. But I [only] found out it was a cult after I went in."
Destiny Church
Last week Seinfeld gave an interview to the New York Times in which he said he was unable to resist making the new programme. "If it's a good idea, you become its servant. A good idea has a draft suction, that you get pulled into it."
The Marriage Ref, which turned out to have more suction than anyone expected.

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