Saturday, March 20, 2010

Protocols of the travel agents of Zion

What I find wholly unsatisfactory is that the NZ government - the victim of Israeli state terrorist espionage activity in the form of the Mossad passport imbroglio five years ago - is signing up to a working holiday agreement with the Jewish State that will facilitate an exchange that is ripe for exactly the sort of Mossad infiltration that leads to a Dubai-type assassination. The people Israel will send over will be Jewish. The people NZ will send over, and that Israel will accept, will be mainly Jewish. The sort of people that regard it as their patriotic Jewish duty to the Jewish State to misuse other nation's passports and anything else they can get their hands on. And that's not the Israeli-born Jews I'm talking about either, that's NZ Jews as Fran O'Sullivan has explained
Oddly enough, only last night I was having several drinks with an NZ Jewess and with Mr Dentith, the well-known conspiracy-theory theorist. It was he who alerted me to this post by Mr Tim Selwyn, the well-known ex-con. Mr Dentith heard of it from Mr Judd, the well-known Jew. I am pleased to report that I still have my passport.

But does Mr Selwyn still have his marbles? I think we should be told.


Christopher said...

Mr Selwyn is talking out of his rear end. He has little idea what he is talking about.

He fails to seperate ordinary folk from the activities of the State, against which he regularly invigales (sp?). He should know better.

Anonymous said...

I've always regarded Mr Selwyn as a gift from the Gods of comedy.

The only question is which is funnier - the stiff shirted libertarian fraudster of the 90s or the radical vandal of the 00s.