Sunday, March 10, 2019

Huntly and the north

The Scholarship is tenable by students who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand, who meet the requirements for entry into Doctoral programmes and who are graduates of a professional qualification in architecture from a New Zealand institution situated north of Huntly
So, you are a promising architecture graduate who wants to study for a doctorate at Auckland. You think you might apply for the William Chick Doctoral Scholarship In Architecture. Before you go any further, ask yourself this: "Is my current architecture school situated south of Huntley?"

To put it another way, three tertiary institutions in New Zealand offer a professional qualification in architecture; one of them is situated south of Huntly. Can you spot which one?

Still not getting it? Time for bluntness: if you are a student of Victoria University of Wellington, don't bother applying. If another architecture school were to be founded in, say, Whanganui, its students would never benefit from this scholarship; nor would students of hypothetical South Island architecture schools in Geraldine or Pelorus Bridge. On the other hand, graduates of a  Kerikeri School of Architecture and Urban Design would find themselves among the select.

If you want to be an architect, it helps to come from a privileged background, as this advertisement from Unitec's 2011 campaign subtly indicated. Alex Riley, student of St Mary's College, held ambitions to design 'the next Donald Trump Tower'; obviously she was not concerned about being paid.

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