Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eight million fish in the naked city

In American slang, hokey means contrived or phoney.

So it was ironic that the name of the fish being sold as cod in one Leicestershire chip shop suggested it was anything but the real deal.

Hoki, a type of hake which is farmed in New Zealand and is also known as the blue grenadier, was found being served as cod by trading standards officials.

St Mary's Chippy, in St Mary's Road, Market Harborough, was caught in a sting operation by trading standards teams.

Consumer watchdogs have warned another chip shop is to face legal action for selling other varieties of fish as cod and that further prosecutions could follow.

They are eating our fish
here; they just didn't know it until recently. No doubt they left the skin on and smothered it with artificial vinegar, to fool the locals.

Hat-tip to Liberal England


Keri H said...

Paul - 'hoki' is pronounced 'hawk'' ' It is Macruronus novaezelandiae and is no close relation to "hake" (Merluccius australis). Neither of them are cod.

They both taste good, treated well - no fish tastes anything like good slatghered with vinegar.

Keri H said...

O, hoki have never been farmed here; are not actually a variety of 'hake' and are not known as 'blue grenadier' (well, anywhere here - who knows how they mislabel fish elsewhere???)

Paul said...

Thank you Keri; I am not a fish-eater and had no idea. We need to tell the Liberals.

Lyndon said...

Yeah, without looking at the article I was going to say about the 'farming' too.

They're actually eating it everywhere; I believe it's the most usual McDonald's fish fillet fish.

I'm not too deep with fish, but I'd have said it was hugely unlike cod. Unless they meant 'contrived or phoney' in british slang.

Keri H said...

Well yes, e.g cod-latin-

having eaten a *lot* of rawaru (ANZ blue 'cod') and various forms of cod in Europe (it was the major pleasure when I used to travel overseas, to enjoy their kai moana, and other food stuffs (o, and music, buildings, libraries, museums - all the usual foodstuff-for-the-human-mind))-

I can confirm that rawaru tastes like - but is better- than European cod. I can give anyone vitally interested the scientific names,the physical stats, the recipes.)

Hoki are a long-lived fish: they breed mid-life.
With it's usual extreme stupidity, the ANZ fishing industry hit the BREEDING SHOALS OF HOKI. With the result - less than 10% of the catch is now available. And anybody eating that remanant should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

gai.ninja said...

KeriH - I was just on the internet looking for you. Don't suppose you write a blog, by any chance? I have a hole that could be filled by some down-to-literal-earth writing.

Keri H said...

gai-ninja, kia ora.

I dont have a blog- cheers anyway, n/n Keri