Friday, April 30, 2010

Behaviour change for pleasure and profit

At Shannon’s Way, our bottom line is behaviour change. Our only measure of success is action.

We help our clients make the changes they need (whether it’s internal relating to their staff and organisational culture or external to their business) to achieve their objectives. We use a broad range of tools to assist our clients:

  • from helping an organisation at a board or governance level to coming in at any stage of a project to provide our project management expertise.
  • from developing and implementing strategies that involve traditional (print, radio, TV) and innovative (digital social media – blogging, social networking) marketing channels through to undertaking research and analysis to understand a particular issue or opportunity or to providing our evaluation services as and when required.

We pride ourselves on being fanatically customer driven. We are committed to discovering the real underlying human insights that enable us to establish empathy and connect with our clients’ target audience. Establishing empathy and connection with that audience is fundamental to overcoming the significant barriers that need to be understood to put together a successful behaviour change campaign.

And because our team comes from multiple disciplines with broad-ranging expertise, we have the ability to facilitate and bring together a diverse group of stakeholders – from an organisation’s Board down to the management team and

No. Stop right there. Say no more. You are talking wank

Behaviour change, governance, marketing channels, customer driven, empathy: it is all wank.  As is the pale green background, the photos of that little girl and those smiling models and all that talk of sustainability and facilitating a diverse group of stakeholders. You are a bunch of hacks, especially your Social Media Guru who describes herself as a professional blogger, which is a euphemism for a parasite. We amateur bloggers despise people like her because she is polluting our territory with her money-making wheezes. The same goes for your empathy and your constant prattle about sustainability. It is all nothing more than marketing. You exist to squeeze money out of the public purse. You, ladies and gentlemen, are a broad range of tools.

I hated you as soon as I heard about you from the Barrs. I hate you not just for your glib, manipulative website but, more emphatically still, for your involvement with SCAPE. You see, I love art. And I despise people like you who take what little money there is for art as your consultancy fees. Art doesn't need you, but you thrive because the people who control the money don't like art, but are passionate about consultancy and outsourcing. So they employ you to invent fatuous public relations exercises, while artists are expected to work for nothing. And the lot of you trivialise art by making it fun and accessible and customer driven. You do that because you are afraid of art, afraid of what it might do, what it might show.

Anyway, that's enough about you. I just thought it might be fun to encourage my readers to take the survey you devised for SCAPE and stuff it up with imaginary answers.


Morgan Davie said...

Dear lord, the backwards 'e' in their logo. I couldn't bear to look any further.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's all wank. As you point out, it's marketing. Did you expect something deep and meaningful, especially from media types? Fools, the lot of them. Bah.

Lyndon said...

Reminded of an observation from the arts festival. Several of the show's ads - without being misleading in detail - left one with the impression of something light-ent-er than the shows actually were.

Tom said...

If you can bear it, look at the blog. The professional blogger claims to be suffering from twitdrawal. I did not make this up.