Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Soy to the World

Soy to the World: Craig Young, one of the Fundy Post's staunchest friends, has written for GayNZ about the revival of Soy madness. According to some Fundies, Soy milk makes your kids grow up peculiar: it is the natural source of queerness in boys and it will make a Lolita of your daughter. And what's more, the story starts with our own Ian Wishart. As Craig notes, it has resurfaced on World Net Daily, where author Jim Rutz makes a number of utterly untrue statements, including the claim that Soy Milk has been banned in New Zealand because it is carcinogenic and that Soy Sauce is perfectly healthy; close, but no cigar: various brands of Soy Sauce where banned in Godzone because they contained carcinogens while Soy helps prevent breast cancer, which, as all good fundies know, is caused by abortion.

Of course, there is lots more on GayNZ to scare the Fundies, such as Peer Sexuality Support at Rosehill College and a story called A whole new breed of Vampire lesbian is evolving: Lesbians, vampires and evolution, all in one bite-sized chunk.

Speaking of Ian Wishart, he too has a blog, The Briefing Room; unlike the Fundy Post, he has munchkins to help him run it. Wishart's latest little helper is Andrei, who writes: "Blogging is not as simple as it looks and is often a fairly time consuming process and Ian who is a busy man does not always have the time to update this blog on a regular  basis. Grammar and punctuation are not as simple as they look either; the wages of syntax is death. Andrei's first real contribution is to insist that The Benghazi Six need our prayers. Maybe they do, but lawyers, guns and money would be more useful.

Andrei comes from Sir Humphrey's where Adolf Finkelstein sees climate change as an economic and racial opportunity (by the way Adolf, it was Diderot, not Voltaire, who invented the phrase esprit de l'escalier) while Zen Tiger has more about Lesbians and Lucyna has proof of God's existence. You read it there first.

Meanwhile, if you really want a strange headline, you could not do much better than World's tallest man saves dolphin. I know it is off-topic but I could not pass it by. What more can I give you, other than bad poetry? With thanks to the magnificent Chase me, ladies, I'm in the cavalry (the Fundy Post does not make hat-tips, because gentlemen do not wear hats indoors) here is the Oxford Cheese Ode by James McIntyre, who wrote about cheese in Oxford, Ontario.


Anonymous said...

Regarding SH, Ian Wishart and Soy beans

"I was banned from SH for pointing this little gem out"

You were banned for 1 month for being an ungracious prick and your 2nd prickish comment was deleted. "

Such a shame too, because it obviously hit close to a nerve. For those who missed it (Craig will appreciate this I feel) what I said was that the blogger in question was off to join other journalistic greats, which due to his exhaustive work on soy research, Ian wishart is obviously one of. Now, to be honest, being 'banned' from the club for a month isn't overly dramatic. Its like being kicked out of...I don't know...a club tree house come x-files fan club (because when it comes down to it you all "want to believe" in the great conspiracy). Now, if you choose to dispute what I said, feel free. But, the fact is the great mr wishart has rather a long monologue up on soy products, and even has a father posting on there on how to straighten out his son. Given that, I would question the intellectual capacity of anyone who would of their own free will be associated with wishart.
As an aside, I find it very difficult to seriously the phrase "ungracious prick" coming from someone who calls himself "Antarctic Lemur"
Great to see you have a blog at last Paul



Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the kind words, gentlemen.

NB: Do you want to tell them about the Penguins, or will I, Paul?

Craig Y.