Friday, October 10, 2008

Almost grown up

I know that a recent survey revealed that 45% of so-called adults play computer games daily, but that still leaves a slim majority of us who choose to make some effort at being grown-ups, who do not demand constant entertaining and who strive to see the world as it is rather than dwelling in a fantasy land of computer-generated bloodbaths or Disney fibs or lifestyle choices or Oprah Bloody Winfrey or low-fat gyms or positive thinking or fundamentalist religion or five-plus- a-day or Lotto or advertising lala-land or any of the other infantilising tosh that is spewed out to generate money by encouraging us to remain in nappies.
Joe Bennett gripes and mistakes Iceland for comic-book Greenland.


Anonymous said...

Yes indeedy. Reading for eg should be done to improve the mind and build moral fibre. Any suggestion that the material being read be well written, witty or in any other way 'entertaining' is not be be, um entertained.

Elitist sneering iow.

Robyn said...

We're about the same size as Iceland and similarly in debt.

Is he talking about population?

Iceland: 301,931
New Zealand: 4,115,771

New Zealand has over 13 times more people than wee Iceland does. Maybe he means area.

Iceland: 103,000km2
New Zealand: 268,680km2

Wait, is he just making shit up? Is Iceland even having money problems? Is Iceland actually a real country? Is it, in fact, just a chunk of ice floating in a highball glass, and what looks like a twist of lemon is actually Bjork?

Robyn said...

Also, that column is going to be *hilarious* to read in 50 years time when video games are considered a serious artform.

Imagine some curmudgeon in the 1950s grumbling about the rubbish motion pictures the dimwitted youth of the day were wasting their lives with.

Lyndon said...

I sometimes wonder what those US representatives who made all those cringeworthy and quotable comments about rock and roll fell about that now.