Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Don't lets be beastly to the Greens

While other blogs, such as that of Mr Slack, mock the Tories for their posters, only the Fundy Post is prepared to risk disapproving looks and muttered comments from our peer group by taking on the Greens.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! And would you kindly mock the one with the Benetton-clad vaguely Aryan looking little girl looking disapprovingly at us from some sort of Fiord?

There's a very high chance I'll end up voting for them, but damn I find their ads creepy.

Sanctuary said...

Dammit! its only 9.43am and now I'll have Noel Coward inside my head all day.

The Maze Monster said...

Ahh! No, don't vote Green. Vote Obama. Voting for Green or Independent is just a vote throwaway. If everyone who voted Green or Independent had voted for Gore in 2000 then we never would have had Bush!!!