Friday, October 31, 2008

Over Obama

Fundy Post: over Obama

1. The purpose of these note is to explain to readers why these notes have been written. The post-literate will not need these notes. All they need is the slogan: Fundy Post: over Obama.

2. Readers of this blog may have become accustomed to reading sentences here, which make arguments (admittedly, often rather flippant ones) and come to conclusions (admittedly, often rather perverse ones). Clearly, in the present political climate, this will not do. We need to reach out to the undecided voters, people who are too stupid to make up their minds or to comprehend a sentence, let alone a paragraph. Fortunately, these people are too stupid to know that we know how stupid they are. However, for their benefit, we must talk in slogans. And we must repeat them, often. Fundy Post: over Obama.

3. To explain, this blogeur has become disillusioned with Mr Obama. This blogeur appreciates that this disillusionment comes long in advance of the normal disillusionment season, which begins six months after the landfall victory. This blogeur is ahead of the curve in this respect. Fundy Post: over Obama.

4. To put it another way, this blogeur is heartily fed up with the whole thing. American sporting contests are all of them long and tedious, but this one especially so. It has been going on months on end. Granted, it will end soon, but that is no compensation for the time wasted. Fundy Post: over Obama.

5. This blogeur is also somewhat tired of all the talk of Mr Obama's Vision. Somehow, nobody seems to have noticed that he does not seem to have any Policies. Fundy Post: over Obama.

6. This blogeur is underwhelmed by the thirty-minute infommercial produced by Mr Obama's campaign. Naturally, this blogeur has not troubled himself to see it, but then he is not of the target demographic: stupid Americans. Fundy Post: over Obama.

7. This blogeur is not alone in this respect. Most of the inhabitants of New Zealand do not have a vote in the forthcoming Presidential Election. Yet, we seem to talk about little else. Fundy Post: over Obama.

8. Most of the inhabitants of New Zealand do have a vote in the forthcoming New Zealand General Election. Yet we seem to be so enthralled with events in America and so besotted with Obama, that we have little interest in our own political future. Fundy Post: over Obama.

9. To conclude, Fundy Post: over Obama.


Jake said...

And nobody even got the chance to ask if the Obamas shower together.

Russell Brown said...

The blogeur is lazy!

Yes, some of Obama's policies are the platitidunous claptrap that American politics seems to demand.

But to take a small -- but surprisingly high-profile in this campaign -- example to the contrary, his disability policies, and the way they have been developed might just be the best ever, anywhere.

To quote Crooked Timber's Michael Berube:

"Whoever is advising Obama on disability policy is really, really smart."


Giovanni Tiso said...

I suspect the tongue of our Fundilicious Friend was firmly stuck in his cheek, points 5 and 6 appear highly suspicious. Could be wrong of course, but I heartily enjoyed the composition anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rachel Maddow's commentary and interviews on msnbc will help diminish your cynicism about US politics and "stupid Americans". She's smart (Rhodes Scholar, PhD in political science), engaging, witty, challenging - and openly partisan.

Here she is interviewing Obama.

Anonymous said...

Iconoclasm at thr Fundy Post? Who'd a thunk it?

Jake said...

And shouldn't this post be titled Overbama?

Samuel said...


The Fundy Post is often ahead of mainstream tastes, but not usually by a whole four to eight years...